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Ask not what SmallWorld can do for me,

But what can I do for SmallWorld..?

I fully believe my natural interest along with the skills I have developed over time will no doubt be of great service to SmallWorld and working for SmallWorld will give me life and meaning again.

If an image can be birthed in the mind of myself or another and then articulated to me, I can make it into reality. Graphic design skills provide almost unlimited possibilities for usage. Everything around us is imagery from cloud formation, textbooks, cartoons, you name it. Common uses of graphic design include identity (logos and branding), publications (magazines, newspapers and books), print advertisements, posters, billboards, website graphics and elements, signs, product packaging, and much more.

Along with graphic design photography/video/audio go hand in hand. All these elements produce what most humans encounter in so called industrialized nations daily. Using computer software along with imaging equipment from cameras to video I can create at this moment a large large % of what you see on TV and even movies. Alone of I have been limited to the resources I could use. With SmallWorld I have no doubt I could get to the point of producing nearly 85%-95% of what is on TV and in movies. Everything I have done, learned and produced has been done in time MADE that I didn't necessarily have available. I can only imagine what I could do full time producing content and continuing to learn more and master each craft. 


There is much potential in many ways I could help SmallWorld. Visual effects for video/motion picture can lead to producing just about anything to the imagination just like when I do photo manipulation except of course its in motion. I can definitely help bring this to SmallWorld and make some great content that stands out. Short visuals, ads, short stories, documentaries, interviews, etc etc I can go on, I have knowledge, skills, love and interest to do this and make it happen. From almost all areas I can complete the task alone. The interest to study prior works for reference and quality, the love for arts and creativity to birth various concepts for the content, the skill to draw up and map out a storyboard or plan for project, the use of equipment needed to capture the work, the use of software to piece together and edit captured content into a quality end product. The best part for everyone involved is I genuinely have love and interest to do this. Therefore I love what I do and in turn it reveals in effort, dedication, and end result. This is from art, photography, documenting, movies, videos,web design, shorts, shows, graphics to even music.

I believe I could provide SmallWorld quality content for any and all purposes. I'm also confident I could match any companies quality or content if given the right tools and resources to do so. I would love nothing more than to no longer watch a show, program, etc and say "I can/could do that". Even sometimes feeling I could do it better, it be visually or manner of expressing the content or message. I would love nothing more than to do that in a manner that is expressed for us by us. Besides my love for stimulation of these senses and being able to create,it just so happens that this love and skill of mine has been a major tool by those who know its power and have power. Unfortunately at this time those in control use it in many harmful ways. Some have even used it to control the culture of people including ours. Although this discovery of my natural love has been great for me and has potential to be greater, I would love to at some point be able to use it for good. For the world and no doubt use to birth a true culture worthy of us by us to instill values WE actually have or desire to have and ensure positive advancement for generations.

Thank you so far for the opportunities, thanks for investing the time u have so far, and thanks for going over my resume'.


If not now hopefully later.

Clarence J. LeDee

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