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The Reintroduction


I’m officially making my claim that I want in. Although we have sat down together talked and left the galaxy ( I’m aware that it was likely me alone who got lifted beyond capacity*), I still feel I must make and take whatever steps necessary to prove myself a valuable asset to Small World. The desire is to hopefully prove and validate myself until I can earn the title of “employee” which ironically is the same title I’ve been trying to break away from the past 3 years or so. But the way I see it at SmallWorld, employee = living with benefits.

Why SmallWorld Mr.LeDee?

Initial Take

Something always stuck out to me about Small World since witnessing Made Groceries perform a few years back at the Crusade Art show at the Spanish Moon. It wasn’t even the music which was good, nor the actual painter on hand, but the teamwork or “movement” I was taking in. I had never seen nor forgot the way SmallWorld was represented, not just by the artist but what seemed to be a system of people moving, operating, and pushing forward together. The love and support amongst the group was completely inspiring. Besides the cohesive unit’s vibe, I couldn’t help but notice the mastery of marketing on display. Everyone had different articles of clothing repping SmallWorld, not just T-Shirts. Stickers, grocery bags, candy, cds, and whatever else I have forgotten were all over the place. Genius. It was just amazing to me to witness such a masterful effort from the entertainers, artist, “street team”, and marketing. Never seen before from anyone local or nationwide act in person.

The Meeting

After that night I had began to keep up with SmallWorld. Following painters to actual people who were just on the team who I had no real clue what they did and still don't till this day. Simply put I was paying more attention. So somehow this likely helped lead to us finally meeting. SMH….. So we finally set things up and I’m in BR... So... just 5 minutes into meeting you and it was happening all over again times 10^10. Before we had sat down to talk I was done. You had gave a “lil” tour. So you mean a place... a building just dedicated to creating? Amazing. Not to mention filled with art from people I follow and admire. And of course we had a talk. Also got to meet different people of SmallWorld. In a nutshell it further made me feel the “awe”, crazy inspired, and at home.


I would have to say at this point after many observations and assessments SmallWorld is not your average company. At least not from what I have come across in life. I'm still not sure exactly what to classify it as. I would simply say its a home and platform for creators to create. And after 33 soon to be 34 years of living life, I can’t help but admire and appreciate such a place in existence in my backyard. After having money but feeling empty and unhappy of that type of life I was indoctrinated to seek and live, one night 3 or so years ago I took a pencil and pad and drew a picture for the first time in nearly 20 years. To my surprise, to me at least, it came out great and I felt I still had “it”. At the time I confused the “it’ as some skill or talent… I know now the “it” was really the natural love and appreciation to create. I lost it so long ago distracted with whatever dogma of the day. But there it was, no incentive, no check, nothing but the want to do what i naturally loved to do when I was a child with all the free time in the world. All this to say I would love nothing more than to work for SmallWorld. Or “live with benefits”. If I’m creating then in reality I won't “work” a single day for you. I will only be finally naturally living again. Besides being able to create with SmallWorld, I admire the love and camaraderie. I couldn't help but notice you greeted me with a hug and you didn't know me. I later noticed everyone was hugging upon greeting each other. It’s like a family. Everyone seems to have a genuine love for not just the arts and creations but of the people involved and associated. I can literally go on. Speaking with you and seeing that your vision is ever expanding and can’t be measured. Noting that as far as you've come you're still demanding to be pushed further. Still seeking knowledge/advice from others. Many qualities possessed that I read and watch in my studies to become what I seek to be. Creating culture, taking culture back, planting seeds for higher purposes, I only hear this type of talk from only one other person I know because it's that rare these days. But yet you spoke on it as well as Oneal…… I cant come across 2 people in the same town to get on that level and I’m at your HQ and 3 people in one room speak on it. I literally thought about that meeting constantly for days after.  Again I can go on and on. I have never seen or been this close to an organization like this. But I feel like it's where I should be. It feels like home and feels like childhood. This time may not be right, maybe not the right year, not the right moment in time. Regardless somehow I got this far and it was never at all a plan to. I've been speaking to the universe in various ways and maybe so far this was it speaking back. So now I’m going to plant more seeds to communicate and see what happens. Just maybe this will “grow” into more. If not now, maybe later.


P.S. - SMH I can always go on and on but I had to come back to include what seems to me as giving back. Not fully aware of how much how often etc but doing for community and others is no doubt a quality I admire of SmallWorld and would love to take part in.

Clarence J. LeDee

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