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Additional Skills


In addition to the attributes already highlighted I feel I have other skills and qualities that could aid SmallWorld in everyday operations.

Although I make no claim at all to be a producer, engineer, etc. I do have experience and knowledge of applications used to produce music. I haven't invested the same time towards the skill as others over the years but my natural interest and creativity has gotten me very familiar. Applications most used have been Adobe Audition and FL Studio.

Technology in general is strong area of mine. Growing up with a Tandy 1000 from birth, I have always been around technology and computers. Again I make no claim to be a computer genius, programmer, nor hacker however everything from Photoshop to getting access to applications I wanted I learned and did on my own. No prior knowledge. If I don't have it or know it I will find a way to do so. Which leads to my next attribute.

I'm not the type of person to stop at "I don't know". Before the internet became what it is today I had issues or lack of knowledge of programs, equipment, dilemmas, etc and simply found the answer or the way. Today it isn't hard for me to encounter a new program, technology, etc and be able to understand, use, and have success at least in some productive manner. Not to mention the internet is what is today, and honestly everyone is capable of learning everything. Which makes it easier for me than in the past to troubleshoot if I have an issue or curious to learn something new.

The most valuable assets I believe I have would be a life long interest and attention to visual and audible detail in all forms presented to those 2 senses along with my creativity. The years of paying attention to such details and natural interest in tools that allow me to alter and manipulate things visually and audibly feeding my creative curiosity has lead to what I believe is my biggest key in all I create. Even more powerful than that I believe is the potential I have from the inability to tap into myself fully due to job, life, etc. as swell as lack of resources or access to certain tools used for creation. 

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